Sunday, December 7, 2008


Nothing beats yoga on a not-too-early Saturday morning. Okay, seriously I LOVE love yoga, but chanting....ummmm even though I have done it lots before, it is still a little on the weird side for me. Luckily, this wasn't the chanting type of class. I escaped about 8:30 to attend a free ashtanga class for 'First Friday' (even though it was Sat.) in Stevensville. I had been wanting to check out this studio for a while, and well for FREE how could I not go? It was great, nothing new, but I really enjoy yoga, especially when I am not the instructor. Del and the boys went to pick up his tractor and then they met me back at home around noon. We gave up our Griz tickets to go Christmas tree hunting and well, it couldn't have been a more perfect day (okay, yea it could have if their was snow on the ground). Here are some pictures:

Oliver was pretty funny, he couldn't wait to go, but within a half an hour he says, "can't we just cut one down already?"

Dillon loves to get in the backpack and hike. He kept saying, "big hike," and "there's a trail."

Ethan is getting older every minute and can't decide if he is still a kid or more responsible than both Del and I. He was worried we'd get in trouble for cutting down the wrong tree.

So we found the perfect tree (according to Del). I think it is a little bare, but it is a really nice tree. We cut the bottom four feet off and the top one and a half and that left us with about a 12 footer.

Earlier this week, our stockings came in the mail. It was so funny! I had laid them out across the floor to check them out and left them there to get Dillon out of bed. The boys were so excited they gave Dillon his and said, "this is yours, Dillon." Dillon kept calling it 'my boot' and tried to put it on lots of times. He finally succeeded and wasn't happy with me when I told him it wasn't a boot. It was darn cute. One of the funny things he keeps saying lately is, "I'm Big Dillon." He has a pretty deep voice for a two year old, so it just sounds funny.