Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jon Dillon Post!!

The big '3'.

Everyone loves Dillon. Ethan and Oliver both revel in his attention and love to play with him. They even go as far as, 'am I your best buddy?' and 'who do you like more? Me or Oliver'. It is funny because he is a little bully, a little crazy, a little bossy...alright, a lot bossy, a little aggressive, and a lot bit of fun. He is our monster. (read past posts about his obsession with Monsters)

Del's sister Mariann is pregnant with her second and Dillon learned the concept of having a baby or something else in your tummy from her pregnancy. One funny thing he says lately is, 'I have a baby monster in my tummy,' while pushing out his big belly. He has this really deep voice and just uses all kinds of different voices when he talks.

I want to write more, but we are off to the lake with friends!!