Friday, May 1, 2009


Dillon is haunted (or befriended) by monsters day in day out and night in and night out. It is kind of funny, creepy and weird. He woke up the other night at about 2:47 am and said the Monsters were teasing him. Another night he woke up and said they were sleeping by him. The other afternoon, they were in the garage, but Coconut (our puppy) ate them. He isn't really afraid and usually will go back to sleep just fine or continue playing, but isn't this just weird for a two-year old to be so creative? Dillon DILLON dillon Dillon. What a funny kid.

One day he decided to serve breakfast while we were still trying to get out of bed. Mmmm piles of rice krispies!

I am pretty sure he learned this one from his daddy. Reading the paper on the pot....specifically the Wrangler rodeo and team roping news.

And, well what can I say? Potty training is dangerouse stuff. You might fall in, fall off, hit your head, you never know when the helmet will come in handy. Seriously, he did fall in this week. It was pretty much just a head and knees poking up. He did not like me laughing as I pulled him back up. Another time, he was standing up on the stool and it slipped out from under him and he hit his chin on the toilet bowl. No wonder he doesn't like to tell me he has to go. I can say that it is getting much better. I don't know if he is potty trained or if we are (just take him every few hours and he is good to go, but if we forget, he doesn't usually tell us).