Sunday, June 7, 2009

A few pet peeves (one of them is that term)

I wrote this blog months ago and never posted it. I am laughing now, but what the heck, I am posting it.

I am not a grumpy or moody person (sorry if you feel differently about me). However, there are a few things that BUG me. Here are a few of the ones on the top of my list:
  • CALL WAITING. I am fine with people having it, but come on saying things like, "I have to get this call" or "I have another call" and "Oh, so and so is beeping in" is plain rude. In other words you are telling the person you are presently speaking with that, "someone more important than you is calling me" or "I'd rather talk to this person." There are exceptions in my mind, however. For instance, if your husband is beeping in on the other line and you say, "(husband's name, is calling me. Can I call you back?" or "the babysitter is calling, I need to see if everything is okay with the kids." Obviously, there are exceptions and phone ettiquette probably depends somewhat on who you are talking to. I personally do not have caller ID or call waiting (except on my cell phone). If you have call waiting and you have caller ID, you can see who is beeping in and call them later after politely getting off the phone.

  • Saying, "I'll let you go." Okay, I will be frank. I very much DISLIKE when someone says "I'll let you go." When in a phone conversation, how you end a phone call depends on who called who. Saying "I'll let you go" implies that the person you are speaking to wants to get off the phone. You shouldn't make that assumption unless they give you reason. If you are the one that needs to end the call, be honest and say, "I have to go, (give a brief reason)" or "Can I call you later? I need to go make dinner." Saying "I'll let you go now" is pretty much saying, I am done talking to you. That is how I feel anyway, so in that case you might as well say, "I don't want to talk to you anymore." If you are one of those people that says "I'll let you go," I realize you probably don't mean to make the person feel stupid for calling you, but think about it next time you are about to say it. If you have to get off the phone, say that. Also, if you did not call the person, you should never say, "I will let you go." The only person that should ever say, "I'll let you go," is the person who made the call. I am probably guilty of my own pet peeves. So please excuse the venting. Like I said earlier, I wrote all this months ago and never posted it. Please keep the phone calls coming...maybe I was in a grumpy mood when I wrote this. Who knows!

I had to throw in a picture for fun, so I found this one to go along with the Peeve theme: Shoeing horses in my garage. Come on! Yes, they do poop everywhere. Del didn't want our puppy to sleep in the garage because, 'she will stink it up with dog smell.' I have to say walking into the garage while franky was being shawed (sp?) definately smelled worse than my puppy! I hope you enjoyed a moment in the life of a cowboy's wife.