Monday, January 19, 2009

My Friend Monique

I am a nerd. Yes, the type that gets excited over weird, random things like saving a lot of money at the grocery store. My friend, Monique, is amazing when it comes to good deals and getting food for almost free. I don't cut coupons very often, but if you know when certain stores have certain sales, there is almost always a coupon (a really good one) floating around out there to combine with these great deals. So today I went to Albertson's to hit their Quaker sale, which they have twice a year (I think), and had my coupons from a previous ad from another store ready and get this, this is amazing, I bought $50.48 of Quaker products (10 boxes granola bars, 2-48 oz. containers of oats, 2 boxes of instant oatmeal packets, and four boxes of Life Cereal) for $8. Like I said, I am not very good at doing this, but this is one sale, I have been taught how to hit.

I briefly met Monique in Tucson, Az at a mutual friend's wedding shower some seven or eight years ago. We moved to Missoula a few years after that shower and within a month or so, Monique moved into town with her awesome family! SMALL WORLD. Anyway, Monique has taught me everything I know about getting great deals and buying food for 'almost free.' She also taught me how to make awesome tamales and has inspired me with her amazing zeal for life. Monique had two babies (close in age ~some 13-18 months apart) to raise while her husband served in Iraq and then several years later added twin daughters to the bunch. Despite having her hands full, she always has a smile on her face and time to spread word of good deals. I don't know about you, but right now, every penny counts and the less I spend on groceries for my three boys, the more I can save or spend on our barnhouse. Monique just moved to D.C. for six to nine months while her husband does some officer schooling for the Marines. I am going to miss her and her great money-saving advice! Monique you are awesome!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I think we can thank Del for this: (although I am not sure why??? Del?)

The other day, Tuesday to be exact, Dillon and I went to the grocery store and were checking out. This older lady came up behind us and was kind of talking to Dillon. He was not very receptive and kept saying, "mommy, go monster away," and would like throw his arm in her direction. When I realized what he was saying, I tried to make small talk with her so she wouldn't feel too bad, but he wouldn't stop saying it. She wasn't bad looking, not too monstorish anyhow. So then, on Wednesday we went to the Post Office (which Dillon was calling office post...kind of like Dillon Post). I had this burly box I was trying to tape up while he was standing in between my legs, hugging them and circling them like he was trying to hide. As I was waiting in line, he kept saying things like, "there's another one, monster," and "go home monster." And he was so serious. Then this motorcycle dude came in and was in line behind us and Dillon said, "no monster" really loud and the man said "Hi, I'm Kevin." It was pretty funny because Dillon kept calling him a monster and then wanted to 'hold you mommy.'

Where do kids get the darndest things that they say from? I am pretty sure that I haven't ever said half of those things and neither has Del. From the mouth of a two year-old at church during sacrament meeting just loud enough for the people behind us to hear: "don't touch me" aimed at me and, "mommy be quiet" and "don't like him, Colton" aimed at the teenage boy behind us. He is definitely our fireball.

But how can you not love a face like that?