Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fallin' into Winter

It is Sunday FUnDaY as my friend Karen calls it. I, of course as usual, am drawing a blank as I sit down to FINALLY write more on the family blog. Momma bear gave me a hard time on the phone the other day because I haven't updated in awhile. As I logged on to do this, I just checked hers and her family entry is even older than my last....go figure!

This fall has been an interesting time. I thought having both big boys in school all day would allow me to accomplish much MUCH more, but boy was I wrong. I have learned that I accomplish more with some time constraints...when Dillon and I have nothing planned or I don't have any pressing work to do, I find that we just frolic the day away. Kindergarten broke the day up enough to keep me busy and on schedule. I am LOVING the time with Dillon, although we miss the brothers when they are gone. Dillon is quite bossy and I have apparantly told him he is 'being bossy,' because his new thing to tell me all day is, 'mom, you're a little bit bossy.' Pretty funny I think.
Oliver and his friends, JP and Dominic on the first day of school.

Oliver is in Mr. Weber's first grade class. He is retiring this year and we are so happy we were able to have him as a teacher his last year. He is the "bug" guy of the school and even has a talk radio program on public radio on Friday afternoons, during which he talks all about bugs for the little audience. They have a gerbil, tarantula, hermit crabs, preying mantis, and many other creatures in their classroom. Needless to say, Oliver loves school and is learning all about bugs!

Ethan is in Mrs. Miller's class. He didn't want me to walk him to school on his first day...I made him, don't worry. He thinks she is a great teacher and is learning and excelling in all areas. His new thing is football and begs to go to the University of Montana football games with me (we only get two tickets). He has been taking his football to school everyday and plays on every recess. I love to hear his play by play details when he gets home from school.

They started piano lessons yesterday and are quite excited. They fought over who got to practice when they got home and were really excited to show dad what they had learned....after all, mom knows nothing (after taking for 8 years) and dad is the piano king.

The mountains are teasing us, they are turning white and the level is slowly dropping. We got out the sleds and hung them up yesterday. Uncle Mark comes this weekend and they asked if we could go sledding...pray for snow!!! Mark is my baby brother :)


Brian, JoDee, & Jase said...

I took at least 8 years of piano too and I know nothing!! How fun to have Mark come this weekend! I remember you telling him he could kiss me on the cheek if he would leave us alone when we were playing and I was like "WHAT?" :) Fun times!


Hey Nicole! What a handsome little family of 3 boys...looks like we have a lot in common, as far as the boys. We had our 3rd last June. They're a lot of fun! Send me an email at and I will send you an invite to our blog...